Court Packing (Or…Hello Tyranny)

Even if there were nothing I liked about Trump and I liked everything about Biden, Trump’s opposition to court packing and Biden’s openness to it (read, intention to do it) are enough for me to vote for Trump.  This is a very big deal, people.  

Court packing is the practice of adding justices to the Supreme Court in order to manipulate the Court’s balance.  Democrats have threatened to pack the Court as retribution for Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative justice who, it is suggested, will swing the Court to the right.[1]  

Ultimately, packing the Court could allow Democrats to take permanent control of Congress and the presidency. Sounds extreme, I know. But keep reading.

If Biden wins the presidency and a majority in the Senate (which is expected if Biden wins), he will be able to eliminate the filibuster[2] and pack the court to shift the balance left. This will allow him to easily push through the following measures, which will virtually guarantee that we will not be able to elect another Republican president or take control of Congress in the foreseeable future, if ever:  

  1. Grant Statehood to Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, which would provide 4 more reliably-Democrat seats in the Senate. Democrats are currently only 4 seats short of re-taking the Senate and that is expected to tighten in November. 
  2. Grant amnesty to ten- to twenty million plus illegal immigrants and remove voter I.D. requirements, thus providing access to voting, tilting the electorate to the left to a degree that permanently changes election outcomes. (As a reference point, Trump’s 2016 win is largely attributed to a mere 77,000 votes across 3 battleground states.)  
  3. Expand the lower federal courts to ensure a majority of Democrat appointees, increasing the odds that even the most radical policies will make it safely through court challenges.   

A few of these policies Biden has campaigned on or shown support for that we should be aware of are as follows:

  • ensure unrestricted late-term abortion and taxpayer funding
  • expand gun control, including weapons bans and confiscation measures
  • repeal the Trump Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (average of $2-4,000 per family savings)
  • raise taxes, reducing after-tax income on every income level by 2030 
  • remove protections for religious business owners against forced violations of faith
  • legislate biological males into female sports
  • protect sanctuary cities

These are just a few highlights.  I would encourage every voter to read the Democrat Platform in its entirety, and I would encourage every voter to compare it to the Republican Platform. The contrast in substance and even in tone is mind-blowing. I think you’ll quickly conclude that this election is not about the personality or demeanor of either candidate—it is about two very different paths for the United States of America. Join me in praying, voting, and fighting for our beloved country.

Praise the Lord who is my rock. He trains my hands for war and gives my fingers skill for battle. (Ps. 144:1)

[1] It is important to note that it should not matter whether a justice is conservative or liberal, because the Constitution strictly limits a judge’s role to interpreting laws, exactly as they are written, not as they wish they were written. Their personal views are not to come into play. Democrats, however, have adopted the view that the Constitution is a living, breathing document, justifying the appointment of judges who are willing to impose their personal policy preferences by expanding on the laws, going beyond what is written. (Americans have been forced by these “activist judges” to live under many unpopular policies, with no recourse.)

[2] The filibuster is tool allowing the minority party to have a voice in opposing unfavorable legislation. It takes 60 votes (meaning votes from both parties) to overrule a filibuster, which ensures that all legislation has bipartisan support.

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